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Tips For Installing Glass Tile In Your Next Project

Post by TAC Design on 05/24/2017 to 

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Creating the perfect glass tile patterns for your home takes diligence and care. By using the right methods, you can enjoy a stunning bathroom wall, kitchen backsplash, or other design for years to come. Follow these tips for the best possible installation.

  • Paint the wall one color. If you are using tile to cover up wall blemishes or a fading paint job, be sure that the wall under the glass tiles is one uniform color. Even darker glass tile colors are translucent, so you will be able to see the wall underneath. This will keep your bathroom tile or kitchen backsplash completely uniform.
  • Make a template beforehand. Laying glass tile patterns takes fine attention to detail and precise measurements. To avoid excess space or having to cut tile last minute, take the time to draw a template in advance. This will advise how much tile to order and what size to cut them.
  • Work with care. While you might be eager to jump right into the project and get it done as soon as possible, be sure to slow down and take the project one step at a time. Use the same motions when applying the grout and use the same amount of pressure when pressing down each tile.Working slowly will pay off in the results.
  • Clean as you go. Keep a damp sponge and towel near by to wipe up any messes immediately. This will help you avoid having to scrape dried grout off of the floor and the surface of the glass wall tile. Be sure to place an old sheet or tarp on the ground to catch any spills.
  • Let the grout dry. Once you finish applying the tiles, let the surface be until everything dries completely. If people walk on or bump the surface of your project, this could dislodge tiles or offset the design. If you have children or pets, consider blocking off the room while the project sets.

Remember: Buying the highest quality glass tile is also key to beautiful installation. Take your time when selecting your tiles, and don’t hesitate to hire a professional designer. Even small remodels make a big difference, with additions to the bathroom offering an average ROI of 86.4%. Making this investment will pay off both financially and aesthetically.

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