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Tips For Choosing Tiles For Your Shower

Post by TAC Design on 06/15/2017 to 

shower wall tileRemodeling your bathroom? Your shower is likely a center point of your design, as shower designs become sleeker and more elegant. While 79% of people are choosing to add glass shower enclosures, what about what is behind it? Selecting the right tile for your shower wall and floor is a delicate art involving several factors. Be sure to follow these tips when selecting tile for your project.

  • Consider Texture: The surface of the tiles you select are important in preventing slips in your shower. This is why it is usually better to opt for smaller shower floor tile to create more traction, perhaps made of stone. Glass or ceramic is generally better for the walls.
  • Plan The Design: If you choose to implement mosaic tile designs into your shower, be sure to plan it out in advance. This will ensure that you purchase the right number of tiles and select the proper quantity of each color. Just be sure to order a few extra tiles just in case you make a mistake during installation.
  • Keep Maintenance In Mind: How much time you have to clean and maintain your tiles may influence your selection. Larger, smoother tiles are generally easier to clean, since they can easily be wiped down with a squeegee. Smaller shower wall tiles have more grout spaces, increasing the risk of mold growth.
  • Select For Shape: Size and shape also go together. If you need to install tile along an arc, it is best to choose smaller tiles. These are easier to work with, whereas larger tiles are less flexible.
  • Choose Color Carefully: Color makes your entire design, so be sure to take your time when choosing. Consider how your shower tiles will fit in with the rest of your bathroom wall tile and other features. Have fun with the design and don’t hesitate to take risks.

Whether choosing ceramic, stone, or glass tiles for your shower wall tiles, it is important to put your home’s personality into every detail. Whether you work with a designer or approach the project solo, your dedication to beauty and efficiency will pay off for years to come.

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