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How To Spice Up Your Subway Tile Design

Post by TAC Design on 07/14/2017 to 

decorative subway tiles

Subway tiles have been a trendy option for all homeowners recently, their clean design pulling together any kitchen. These tiles are any rectangular tile that has a length twice its height, such as a four-by-eight inch piece. Some of the tiles are a bit less traditional, stretching to two-by-eight inches.

While you might be interested in this trend for your kitchen backsplash, for example, you might find most of the popular designs you’ve seen a bit boring. Fortunately, you can use some creativity to install decorative subway tiles in your home. Follow these tips to add some spice to your subway tile design.

    • Think Nontraditional: The best place to start is to forget the rules and go with your design intuition. Some graceful creativity can go a long way when designing your kitchen, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box.


    • Choose A Color: Who said you have to choose white subway tiles? Break the rules and go for a deep red or blue. Place these colors as a monochromatic backsplash to set the mood of your kitchen.


    • Design A Pattern: As well as playing with color, get creative with your decorative subway tiles by designing a pattern. Hiring a professional designer is a great way to make sure you are getting the most out of your design. They will also help you order the proper number or tiles.


    • Color The Grout: A new trend in kitchen backsplash designs, colored grout will give your subway tiles an edge. An elegant way to achieve this look is to select your tiles and then buy grout in a contrasting color.


  • Decorate Boldly: If you decide to go with a more simple backsplash tile design, you now have an opportunity to think big with the rest of your kitchen designs. A bold wall color, artistic light features, and house plants are great ways to bring your kitchen to life while keeping a more traditional backsplash and countertop design.

The best way to keep your backsplash design organized is to plan it out ahead of time. This way, you will know how much tile of each color to order. Once you start placing the designs, take your time and pay attention to detail. Your craftsmanship will pay off when you have a gorgeously renovated space.

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