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Redesigning Your Pool Tile? Dive Into Elegance With These 5 Ideas

Post by TAC Design on 04/07/2017 to 

pool mosaic designsDreaming of long summer days spent lounging by the pool? With warm weather approaching quickly, there is no better time to add a little luxury to your daydream. By planning your pool remodel today, you can be one step closer to sipping cocktails on the deck. Before ordering your tiles to complete your perfect pool floor or pool mosaic designs, consider these elegant tile design ideas.

  • Waterline Tile: This tile design is a pool classic, consisting of a uniform tiling on the majority of the pool surface complimented by a strip of decorative design right at the waterline. This is a great opportunity to get creative or incorporate your pool into your overall outdoor aesthetic.
  • Tile Mosaic: Mosaic pool tiles are a beautiful way to add artful details to your outdoor landscaping. Your options for pool mosaic designs are endless, as you can be as simple or elaborate in this creation as you would like. Made out of ceramic or glass tile, this detail will draw the eye right to your pool.
  • Earth Tones: By selecting neutral-colored tiles for your pool design, you can create the illusion of bathing in a natural swimming hole. You can achieve this by using stone or by selecting a brown palette for your ceramic tiles.
  • Aqua Blues: Teal, turquoise, greens, and blues are all refreshing reminders of the sea. Incorporate this feeling into your backyard pool by selecting this color palette for your tiling. Glass tile designs are a great way to achieve this look, reminding swimmers and sunbathers of the shine of sea glass.
  • Tile Walls: Add layers to your pool design by building raised walls in certain sections of your pool. Extend your pool tiles into this glass or ceramic wall tile. This will give your backyard landscape some extra depth while adding architectural details.

While it may seem more urgent to order tile for your bathroom or kitchen, pool remodels are sure to add a little extra elegance to any home. While 60% of people report planning to remodel their master bathroom, pool remodeling is best left to the warmer months. Take advantage of spring and summer by beginning your pool tile design today.

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