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What Is Luxury Vinyl Plank?

Have you been looking for aesthetically appealing flooring options without the hassle of a difficult installation? Luxury Vinyl Plank is just the option for you! Luxury vinyl plank products are affordable, waterproof flooring options that look identical to real wood floor planks, complete with realistic-feeling surface texture. To only add to the benefit of LVP products, they take to click-together, peel-and-stick, or glue down installation methods, making it extremely easy for anyone to do! Look into the right luxury vinyl plank products for your project today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Luxury vinyl planks are made of polyvinyl chloride mixed with calcium carbonate, plasticizers, and pigments. The materials are heated and then squeezed into sheets where an embossing process takes place, in which texture, design elements and wear layers are added.

The replacement process is quite simple! Just heat the plank using a hair dryer and lift the plank off the floor. The adhesive should remain tacky on the floor and can be used to attach the replacement plank.

The main cause of gapping is the lack of proper acclimation. Vinyl plank will expand and soften as well as shrink and harden when exposed to hotter and colder temperatures respectively. To ensure this doesn’t occur, make sure to always acclimate the luxury vinyl planks prior to installation.

When you have a very wavy or uneven floor, a glue down vinyl can be installed without the need for a self-leveling mix. This reduces the cost for floor prep, however, leveling is suggested for the most professional-looking and clean outcome. If you have very tight height restrictions, a glue down option may be better as its thinner and can easily fit.

Benefits of LVP

  • Easier installation than other flooring options
  • Very aesthetically appealing
  • Superior scruff and wear resistance
  • Known for its warmth and comfort underfoot

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