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Why You Should Include Glass Tile In Your Next Remodel

Post by TAC Design on 04/14/2017 to 

glass tile designsIf you are looking to add a style boost to your next home project, consider ordering glass tile. This timeless design option adds a playful yet elegant touch to any room. Remodeling and redesign aren’t just beautiful, they also add value to your home. Even a minor kitchen remodel, for example, has an average return on investment rate of 82.7%. While there are plenty of design elements that can achieve this aesthetic and financial payoff, glass tiles have their own unique benefits.

  • Brightness: When compared to more traditional ceramic tiles, glass tiles add a little extra shine and brightness to a room. Whether subtly incorporated into a kitchen backsplash or boldly displayed in mosaic tile designs, these small details draw the eye to a room’s outer edges and open up a room.
  • Versatility: Glass tile designs do not have a formula, so you are free to use them as you wish. The tiles can dominate an entire wall or provide subtle accents to a more complex design. Consider hiring a designer to decide what use is best for your space.
  • Creativity: For creative types, mosaic glass wall tiles are a great option. These features add a bold statement to even the simplest designs. Be sure to plan out the design before you order your tiles to make sure that you order the right number.
  • Warmth: Glass tiles have a summery feel. With a likeness to sea glass, these design elements offer a breezy solution to your bathroom or kitchen design. To capture these ocean vibes, choose a blue and green color scheme. Opting for warmer colors can offer the warmth of an autumn day. Choose the season that suits your style.
  • Color Glass tile designs offer a multitude of color options. Consider whether you want to use these tiles to drive the overall color scheme or if you’d rather use them as an accent. Either option will freshen up your design.

When designing your overall remodel, try being creative about where you can install your glass tiles. How would they look incorporated into a counter top? Could your shower wall use a boost? When in doubt, consult an interior designer about how to select and incorporate your tiling.

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