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How to Choose a Mosaic for Your Backsplash

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A kitchen is the focal point of your home. When you host book club or The Bachelor viewing party, you’ll want to feel confident entertaining your guests in the kitchen. The easiest way to bring your kitchen to life is to create a gorgeous backsplash. A popular choice among DIY decorators is to design their backsplash with mosaic. Follow these tips to make sure your kitchen is ready for its shining moment!

Kitchen Inventory
First, you’ll want to take an inventory of the colors in your kitchen. Do you have granite countertops? Decide which colors will flow well. Are your cabinets a light or dark shade? Consider a designing an eye-popping color contrast. These are important things to note because you don’t want the colors to clash. If you have red cabinets and pick green as the color, it’s going to look like Christmas year round!

Themes and Patterns

Speaking of holiday themes, does your kitchen have a theme already? If you have a modern kitchen you’ll want to keep the style consistent. White or black may be the best color choice. The size of backsplashes vary as well, it depends on the wall space. Do you want to cover every inch above the counter space or just the section above the stove top? Make sure to measure the space to order the correct amount.

Mosaics tend to be a popular choice with DIY decorators because of the many options including glass, stone, wood, plastic and ceramic. Mosaic design has endless possibilities whether you want to mix and match colors, have square or round shapes. You can place the mosaic on the wall in a traditional pattern or make it unique to your own preference.


The new backsplash may be in your kitchen for many years to come. Make sure to pick a design that will stand the test of time. You’ll want to enjoy seeing this creative part of your kitchen every day! Designing a backsplash gives you the opportunity to highlight the personality of your kitchen whether it’s modern, traditional, contemporary or any other style. A backsplash is the last piece to bring your kitchen style full circle.

The Handy Work

Now you’re ready to pick the perfect mosaic for your backsplash. Mosaics are known to be fairly easy install. This is another reason why this choice of backsplash is popular among DIY decorators. If you know your way around a toolbox it will be more cost effective to install the mosaic yourself. On the other hand it won’t hurt to hire an experienced handyman to complete the job in a timely manner. Browse our mosaics and different tile products and feel inspired for a kitchen DIY project!

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