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Luxury Bathroom remodel in Georgia

Post by Justin Malloy on 07/20/2018 to 

Here is a little bit of DIY luxury out of Georgia! What an amazing project. This couple creates the perfect bathroom in farmhouse chic. They did it with hard work a little help from Thomas Avenue Ceramics! Products Used: Wall – Céramique Collection – 3″ x 12″ Tile | Crackled White Floor – Carrara Decos…

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Great Article On Thomas Avenue Ceramics!

Post by Justin Malloy on 02/21/2018 to 

Take a look at this great article written about Thomas Avenue Ceramics over at Home Owners Cover.com!   http://www.homeownerscover.com/an-innovative-way-to-order-ceramic-tiles

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Renovation Inspiration

Post by Justin Malloy on 07/25/2017 to 

At Thomas Avenue Ceramics, we’re always looking for exciting and unique products that will stand out among the throngs of competitors. However, all the unique product in the world won’t help provide a starting point for someone who’s looking to renovate but doesn’t know where to start. We plan to help. Every week we’ll be…

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Redesigning Your Pool Tile? Dive Into Elegance With These 5 Ideas

Post by TAC Design on 04/07/2017 to 

Dreaming of long summer days spent lounging by the pool? With warm weather approaching quickly, there is no better time to add a little luxury to your daydream. By planning your pool remodel today, you can be one step closer to sipping cocktails on the deck. Before ordering your tiles to complete your perfect pool…

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