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5 Tips for DIY Tile Installation

Post by TAC Design on 03/28/2017 to 

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You have been envisioning your dream remodeling project for months, and now your new tiles have finally arrived. After laying these new tiles, you will begin to see your design become a reality, pulling together the space. Whether you’re choosing to install ceramic wall tile or floor tile, knowing the basics of DIY installation is important. By following these tips, you can ensure that your beautiful new floor or wall looks as clean and professional as possible.

  1. Plan First: While it might be tempting to rush into this new and exciting project, be sure to take the time to plan the tile layout. Especially if you are creating mosaic tile designs or tile patterns, it is important to draw out what you want the end result to look like. Sketching first will allow you to try different creative possibilities.
  2. Measure Carefully: Before you begin laying the pieces, carefully measure the floor or wall dimensions where you are installing. Be meticulous in choosing and cutting the properly sized tile pieces to fill the space.
  3. Use Guides: If you are concerned about installing crooked tile, consider using a ledger guide for installing ceramic wall tiles and guide boards on the floor. During wall installation, start from the bottom and work up, using the ledger as a guide. Using guide boards during floor installation will keep the tiles in a straight grid.
  4. Double Check The PEI Rating: A tile’s PEI rating measures the material’s strength and durability. Make sure that you have ordered tile with the proper PEI rating for your project. Wall tile only needs a rating of one, because it will not be exposed to foot traffic. A rating of five is suited for commercial projects, so aim for something in between for bathroom and kitchen floor tiles.
  5. Take Your Time: In any phase of your tile selection and installation process, do not rush. When you go to buy ceramic tile, take the time to consider various colors and options. While planning out your design, be choosy and try out various options. During the actual ceramic tile installation process, be meticulous in tile placement. Finally, following installation, allow the grout and motor enough time to dry completely.

Ceramic tile flooring and wall decor are beautiful, simple ways to incorporate timeless design into a room. Once you plan out the overall remodeling design for your kitchen or bathroom, be sure to give full attention to each individual step.

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