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5 Kitchen Design Trends to Try in 2017

Post by TAC Design on 03/23/2017 to 

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With spring cleaning around the corner, a full kitchen remodel may be on your mind. You’re not alone. A survey by the National Association of Home Builders found that 69% of all client requests were for kitchen remodeling. As flipping your kitchen continues to be a popular way to refresh your home, design trends are ever changing. This year, design trends are going back to basics in the warmest way possible. From the return of terracotta to the simplification of the ceramic backsplash, these are the trends to try in 2017.

    1. Matte Finishes: The days of shiny, industrial kitchens seem to be behind us. Surface finishes are getting much warmer. Wood floors and counters, as well as plaster walls, are great ways to add a cozy feel. Trade your silver metal light fixtures for bronze versions, warming up the light.


    1. Traditional Styles: Following the surge of hyper-modernism, styles are moving back into the past. When trying out this trend, think cozy convenience. Channel the rustic simplicity of the past with a muted color pallet. Add subtle decorations to emphasize splashes of your home’s unique personality.


    1. Earth Tones: Try a natural color pallet when choosing your kitchen features. Terracotta is making a comeback, so incorporate these details into decoration. When choosing your tiles, try ceramic tile that looks like wood. Mosaic tile designs are also a creative, earthy way to add an artistic touch to your kitchen’s design.


    1. Black and White: If earth tones aren’t for you, try the classic simplicity of black, white, and gray. This look is crisp and clean while opening additional avenues for design improvisation.


  1. Subtly Artful Backsplash: While designing your ceramic backsplash, try blending the design into the rest of your kitchen’s color pallet, rather than choosing a contrasting tone. Consider white or gray monochrome geometric tiling to draw the eye in. Glass tile is also a simple, yet classy way to add fun texture to your backsplash.

As with the rest of your home, your kitchen should reflect your personal aesthetic. Whether considering the perfect floor material or a multitude of creative backsplash designs, take the time to consider various options. Keep the big picture in mind as your piece your kitchen features together, creating a beautiful, cohesive design.

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