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5 Backsplash Trends To Boost Your Kitchen Design

Post by TAC Design on 05/18/2017 to 

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If your kitchen needs an update, changing your backsplash can do wonders. Kitchen backsplash designs are available in a variety of ceramic and glass tile colors, allowing you to select the best tone for your desired aesthetic. If you’re looking for more specific design ideas, consider these backsplash trends.

  1. Metallic Shine: While kitchen design trends are moving away from the industrial look of years past, metallics aren’t going away. Try replicating this sheen in your tiles, pairing it with a white countertop and appliances in a similar color.
  2. Mosaic Tile Patterns: Mosaics are a great way to add a little personality into your kitchen design. Either design it yourself or work with a professional to create an artistic pattern, drawing the eye to your unique backsplash. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colors and materials to create a dynamic style.
  3. Crisp White Simplicity: A classic kitchen color, crisp white is gaining popularity as kitchen designs become more breezy. Install white subway tile behind a white, marble, or wooden countertop to achieve this timeless style. Place plants and flowers around the room to tie everything together and add pops of color.
  4. Green and Blue Glass: Influenced by sea glass, green and blue glass are this year’s colors of choice. These glass tile colors pair well with a variety of kitchen designs, so don’t be afraid to entertain many different possibilities before making a decision. Just remember to make the backsplash the focus if you go this route to avoid overwhelming the kitchen with color.
  5. Rustic Stone: Stone backsplash tiles are another timeless option. Consider installing monochromatic tiles or a stone mosaic design. Either option is highly durable and adds rugged character to the space.

Kitchen remodels are a popular form of home improvement. According to the National Association of Home Builders, 69% of all remodel jobs were in the kitchen. A new backsplash is almost always part of this. When deciding on a backsplash design, be sure to ask the vendor or your contractor how to best take care of your tiles. You may have to clean different materials with specific cleaning solutions, so ask about any restrictions. Overall, be creative and add your personality into your design selection. Your kitchen’s backsplash is one of the room’s focal points and should show your unique taste.

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