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4 Kitchen Backsplash Ideas for Your Next Renovation

Post by TAC Design on 02/22/2017 to 

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When it comes to renovating your kitchen, new countertops, floors, cabinetry, and appliances aren’t enough. After all of these changes are made, there’s usually something missing. Kitchen backsplashes are hugely popular these days and bring a level of elegance to any kitchen space.

They’re gorgeous, customizable, and easy to clean, which is great for messy home chefs.

But where to start? Here are some kitchen backsplash ideas that you may want to use during your next renovation project.

    1. Subway wall tile
      Subway tile is defined as any rectangular tile that is twice as wide as it is tall. These tiles are streamlined and clean, which won’t distract from other elements in your kitchen. White or lightly colored subway tile is a great option for bright spaces with lots of natural light, and also can help give your kitchen a vintage feel.
    2. Mosaic tile patterns
      If your tastes are a bit more colorful, you can experiment with a mosaic backsplash. The color options are endless, and the patterns are only as limiting as your imagination. Whether you have a pattern in mind or are planning on installing a colorful free-for-all, it’s your choice. Whether you decide to have just one small mosaic in your backsplash or make the whole thing a work of art, the possibilities are truly endless.
    3. Glass wall tile
      Glass tile can come in all shapes and sizes but has a different finish than ceramic or porcelain tile. The glass often gives an extra element of depth to the kitchen and works well with ultra-modern spaces as well as vintage.
    4. Peel and stick tile
      Don’t be fooled, peel and stick tiles turn out much better than you may anticipate. Some people simply don’t want to dedicate their time and effort to laying tiles and grout, and that’s totally fine. Peel and stick tiles can give the exact same effect as any other type of tile.

Of course, these are just a couple kitchen backsplash ideas to choose from. Thomas Avenue Ceramics has huge collections that you can select from to make you dream kitchen a reality. For more ideas and inspiration, visit our products page.

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