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3 Reasons to Use Ceramic Tile in Your Bathroom

Post by TAC Design on 02/17/2017 to 

ceramic tile for a bathroom

For thousands of years, ceramic and porcelain tile have been used in homes and for outdoor use. And despite the fact that ceramic tile installation is a centuries-old practice, it hasn’t decreased in popularity. Porcelain has paved the way for tile to allow for hard surface demand over the past 20 years and today, using porcelain tile for a bathroom, kitchen, or outdoor space is still incredibly common for a number of excellent reasons.

Around 60% of homeowners surveyed by Houzz said that they have plans to remodel their master bathroom. More than likely, many of these homeowners will choose bathroom porcelain tiles on their walls or floors. Porcelain shower wall tiles are quite fashionable, and porcelain tile flooring is often a favorite choice for many bathrooms. But why are these poercelain wall tiles and floor tiles so well-favored? Here are just three reasons why using porcelain tile for a bathroom never goes out of style:

    1. They’re beautiful
      Porcelain tiles are aesthetically pleasing and can add a beautiful look to any room. They’re also incredibly versatile and are able to fit in with a wide variety of styles. Whether you like a traditional look, want a modern twist, or want to keep things simple and clean, there are tons of porcelain tile options that will allow you to execute your vision.
    2. They’re hygienic
      You want to do everything you can to keep your family healthy and safe. You might not realize it, but your choice in design can actually have an impact on your family’s well-being! Because porcelain tiles don’t retain bacteria or odors, they’re ideal for bathroom use. Plus, they’re made of natural materials and are an eco-friendly option, which is important for many families.
    3. They’re water-resistant
      A key factor for any bathroom is water resistance. That’s why you rarely see carpeting, hardwood floors, or wallpaper in the lavatory! Porcelain tiles are typically very dense, which means they’re extremely resistant to water absorption. That means that using porcelain tile for a bathroom (and specifically in the shower area) is generally one of the better design decisions you can make. When properly installed, they’ll last for years and won’t corrode due to water exposure.

Whether you want to retile your bathroom or do a complete kitchen renovation, Thomas Avenue Ceramics can provide just the type of tiles you’re looking for. For more information about our porcelain, ceramic, or mosaic tiles, get in touch with us today!

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